Girls’ Night In API

Using the LCBO API, this web application serves as a destination for
thirsty ladies looking for the perfect beverage for their girls' night in.

Client | Personal Project

Project Overview

Girls’ Night In uses a combination of JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, RESTful API’s, and other technologies to create an engaging user experience. It harnesses the power of data to bring tasty drinks to a girls’ night in, and addresses a fundamental problem in my life.

Project Brief

Girls' Night In is a personal project that manifested itself after many indecisive trips to the LCBO. Using the LCBO API's extensive documentation, I accessed key data points and manipulated them to return beverage selections based on the user's criteria.

  • API's
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • JSON

girls-night-in-2 girls-night-in

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