The Peaks jQuery Gallery

An interactive and informative gallery of Canada's best ski resorts.
Created for ski fanatics, by ski fanatics in the name of promoting Canadian tourism.

Client | Pair Programming Collaboration

Project Overview

The Peaks is a pair programming project with JavaScript mastermind and friend extraordinaire Kevin LeClair. It was born out of a desire to combine the best of Canada’s ski resorts into an interactive web experience. Using stunning photographs and jQuery functionality, we created an interactive and informative gallery for ski lovers.

Project Brief

The gallery uses JavaScript to visually display information entered into an array. The resort's key statistics and features are clearly displayed when the images are expanded. Glossy full-screen images urge you to visit the majestic snow-covered Canadian mountaintops.

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • pair programming

the-peaks-3 the-peaks-2